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‚De Patria‘ – A new Interpretation with Character in TECU® Brass_bond

With the comprehensive renovation of the historic De Patria building in the centre of Kortrijk (Belgium) the architects of the Gent based ‚Adins-Van Looveren Architecten‘ succeeded with the ambitious realization of a courageous design. In a fruitful dialogue of architects, a motivated building owner, local authorities and qualified craftsmen, solutions were found which allowed combining old and new elements to a rich contrasting ensemble with respect to the history of the building. With style the extensive and perfectly flat TECU® Brass_bond elements characterize the façade. Copper with its lively and natural charisma was chosen by the architects because it will change in the course of the years, enabling the building to become a contextual part of the historic city centre step by step.

The history of De Patria declines until into the 14th century. After a disastrous fire storm in the 18th century, ancient vaulted cellars from this time survived forming the basis for a newly built classical town palace. Having seen many extensions and conversions in the last decades a comprehensive renovation became necessary. In close contact to the authorities being responsible for monument preservation the historic building was completely restored. The first in a total of six apartments were ready in 2014, retail spaces and a corner apartment followed then in the course of 2015.

The total surface area of 2,000sqm extends to one building with a facade being thoughtfully detailed to smaller segments which allows much better merging into the historic surrounding. In contrast to the white plastered classic gable the compound façade elements in TECU® Brass_bond can present themselves from their very best side. The classic brass material of the TECU® range of copper products integrates the modern design with great ease, giving a distinctive value impression to the façade. That copper is used widely at other buildings in the historic centre of Kortrijk, makes the decision of the architects to choose TECU® copper easy.

As expected the building stimulated a lively debate of local inhabitants and visitors alike. Tom Adins of Adins-Van Looveren Architecten: „This is something that we wanted to achieve, architecture must encourage discussion. We enjoy it if people speak about our work.” We at KME are also happy when our TECU® copper products are such a success in the dialogue between architects, planners and copper installers as in this new interpretation with character of a historical building.


KME Material: TECU® Brass_bond
Project: De Patria
Location: Kortrijk, B
Architect: Adins - Van Looveren Architecten bvba, Gent, B
Copper Installer: Demeestere Schrijnwerken, Moen, B
Photos: ©Lennen Descamps

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