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1935-1986: Domestic growth

Acquisition of the majority holding in Società Metallurgica Bresciana (previously known as Tempini). The Livorno plant was destroyed by aerial bombardment during the Second World War
Acquisition of the majority holding in INDUSTRIA LAMIERE SPECIALI Società Azionaria Carlo Viola - ILSSA Viola S.p.A. (Pont St. Martin - Aosta), one of the major Italian manufacturers of stainless steel sheet
SMI acquires full control of Società Metallurgica Bresciana and incorporates the Brescia plant, constructed in 1884
In order to strengthen its position in foreign markets, SMI partners with a number of local distributors in the major European countries to build the CUPROMET network, a mixed capital company which distributes SMI products
SMI acquires 50% of Società Delta - Società Metallurgica Ligure- (owner of the Serravalle Scrivia, Alessandria plant) owned by the state holding company Finmeccanica. This is one of the very first cases of privatisation in Italian history.
Birth of SMI-Espanola S.A. (Martorell, Barcelona) for the production of bolts and metal smallware
Incorporation of Società Metallurgica Ligure-Delta S.p.A. into SMI and acquisition of 60% of METALRAME S.p.A. (Avellino) for the production of copper wiring
Foundation of SMI-Hellas S.r.l. (Kamatero, Greece) for the production of hunting cartridges, and acquisition of the French company AFICA S.A. (Affinage Champagne Ardenne - Reims, a manufacturer of metal ingots) and its subsidiary FAVI.
Construction of a plant at Pianodardine (Avellino) for continuous casting of wire rod, along with the foundation, in partnership with Pirelli Cavi S.p.A. and BICC CEAT Cavi S.p.A., of ITALRAME S.p.A. (AV). SMI holds a 35% share of the new company.
SMI, in agreement with Trafilerie e Laminatoi di Metalli (TLM), the Italian subsidiary of the French group Péchiney- Ugine-Kuhlmann (PUK), establishes a new company called La Metalli Industriale S.p.A. with the aim of bringing the Italian plants of both companies under a single heading. SMI becomes the Group’s holding company. Italrame S.p.A., Metalrame S.p.A. and SMI-Hellas S.r.l. become subsidiaries of La Metalli Industriali S.p.A. Subsequently, in 1986, La Metalli Industriale S.p.A. changes its company name to LMI-La Metalli Industriale S.p.A.
As part of a thorough restructuring of the Italian steel business, SMI, in agreement with Terni S.p.A., decides to cease all production in the ILSSA Viola S.p.A Pont St. Martin plant.

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