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About KME

A major European group, KME is a leading player in the global copper processing industry

KME is a leading global producer of semifinished and special products, with a central role in the copper value chain.

With 12 production sites: 11 in Europe and one in China, KME is the world’s largest manufacturer of semi-finished copper and copper alloy products (excluding copper wire) worldwide.


KME’s production range goes to an extremely wide target of user industries and manufacturing sectors, including semifinished products for building and industrial applicatons and a wide range of high-technology products.

With deep roots in the industrial history of several European countries, KME is today a united and competitive enterprise, a leader on an international scale.

At the level of operations, the local manufacturing activities are implemented by a series of local companies operating in full integration with the Group’s strategic and industrial policies.

The Group, held by the Italian listed company Intek Group Spa, brings togheter several manufacturing companies based in Germany, Italy, France, Spain and a JV in China for engineering products. It is also present in five continents with a thick network of trading companies located in the world’s principal industrial areas.

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More than a century after its foundation and more than twenty years after the corporation first started expanding internationally in 1987, KME enjoys a position of undisputed leadership in the global market.

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