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The KME Brass Rods Division has the widest range of extruded brass products on the market: round rods, shaped rods, hollow rods, flat bars, wires and profiles. All products in a wide variety of alloys and in full compliance with European and international standards.

Brass rods

  • Round, square, hexagonal rods
    Designed and manufactured to provide excellent performance during the machining process.

  • Hollow rods
    Used mainly in the tap industry, they offer significant economic advantages.

  • Flat bars
    Used in the mechanical and electrical industry, and also used as decorative elements.

  • Profiles
    An economical solution for the production of complex metal parts.

  • Leaded brass wires
    For making very small precision machined parts for medium and long production runs.

    The new lead-free range of alloys of KME that fulfils your needs.

    The biggest technological innovation for the end users of brass wire in terms of increased productivity, excellent machinability and the efficient use of space.

  • Arkita®
    The aesthetic and economical alternative by in the field of architecture and decoration, with a complete range of sections and a wide variety of surface finishes.


Our brass rods, wires and profiles are manufactured to meet the requirements of the following applications:

  1. Taps, valves and fittings
  2. Precise mechanical parts
  3. The automotive and transport industry
  4. Electrical and electronic devices
  5. Windows and doors
  6. Building and architecture

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