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KME is a flexible partner in providing cost effective and innovative solutions for the modern demands of the continuous casting process, remelting process and melting of steel and non ferrous metals.

Engineered Products

The KME Engineered Products Division combines our expertise in copper manufacturing with services to design and manufacture copper moulds and copper cooling elements for all applications in the steel and non ferrous metal industries.

The KME Engineered Products Division has all the resources and technical expertise for designing and manufacturing high performance copper moulds of all different shapes and sizes. In addition we can design and manufacture cooling elements of differing applications with the same high level technology. Its strength is in the combination of the following factors.

  • copper manufacturing technology
  • surface coating technology
  • technical expertise
  • maintenance, engineering and after sales services
  • Steel casting moulds
    KME internally houses all of the key technologies for the production of high performance continuous casting moulds of any type. This combination of expertise, the long standing experience, research and development, engineering and technical services in the field makes us a highly qualified partner to our customers.

  • Moulds for non ferrous casting
    KME’s high performance moulds made of various copper alloys play a vital role

  • Crucibles for remelting
    KME manufactures and design copper crucibles of any shape or size, used in the ESR (Electro Slag Remelting) and VAR (Vacuum Arc Remelting) process to refine allloys into impurity free materials. KME can design and manufacture individual moulds or complete mould assemblies and accessories depending on the customer’s requirement. Our unrivalled experience together with our inherent expertise in copper makes KME the best partner to provide flexible economic solutions.

  • Cooling Elements for melting
    KME’s unique design which utilises KME’s longstanding expertise in copper and the application of cooling technology have enabled us to design copper elements to meet the demands of modern furnace production.

  • AMT® - Advanced Mould Technology
  • AMM® - Advanced Mould Materials
  • AFM® - Advanced Funnel Mould
  • AMC® - Advanced Mould Coating.

Commercial Director
Norbert Volkmann
Ph.: +49 541 321 3211

Technical Director
Stephan Meyer
Ph: +49 541 321 3372

Secretary, Ulrike Michels
Ph: +49 541 321 3375
Fax +49 541 321 3005

  • Mr. Norbert Volkmann: Mould Plates for Steel Casting and Other Casting Forms
  • Mr. Jörg Juschka: Mould Tubes for Steel Casting
  • Mr. Frank Boeert: Moulds for NF Casting, Cooling Elements


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