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2009-2011: The evolution of the business

KME acquires the German firms Terres GmbH and Rima Ziehtechnik Max Maier GmbH & Co KG, which are merged with the existing subsidiary Fricke GmbH & Co. KG to form a new company KME Architectural Metals GmbH & Co. KG with the aim of offering a complete range of metal materials used in building and architecture (not only copper but also zinc, aluminium and steel). Since April 2012 the company operates again under the company name Fricke GmbH & Co. KG, attaching value again on the "FRICKE" brand. Its full geographical coverage of the market enables the company to penetrate far downstream into the sector of metal systems and solutions for the construction industry.
In Scandinavia, after signing agreement with Alumeco, leading distributor of aluminium profiles, KME acquires 30% of the holding company Metal Center, to which it transfers its trading company KME Danmark.
KME also extends its business upstream of its copper transformation operations by creating KME Recycle S.p.A., which in turn acquires the business of Metalbuyer S.p.A. and then (2010) the operations of the French company VALIKA Sas, both scrap metal trading enterprises, the former operating in Italy and the latter in France.
KME develops the design for a copper solar roof, an extremely attractive roof which incorporates a solar heating system for hot water production. In addition, the acquisition of the Italian firm Sun Radiant Srl leads to the birth of KME Solar Italy, which designs and distributes heating, air-conditioning and renewable energy solutions.
KME Solar Italy
The group corporate reorganisation plan is concluded with the break-up of the parent company Intek, which transfers all its industrial operations to KME Group. KME Group becomes a holding with subsidiaries in various industrial sectors, including not only the core business of copper transformation but also renewable energy with ErgyCapital S.p.A. and services with the Drive Rent group (subsequently incorporated into Cobra Automotive). As a result of the corporate break-up and reorganisation plan, the parent company Quattroduedue Holding B.V. acquires a holding of about 41.4% in the equity of KME Group.
KME launches an advertising campaign in the main European media to promote the use of KME copper products and solutions in the construction industry.
Penetration of the building and architecture market is further pursued with two major international marketing projects: organisation of a Road show with a truck fitted out to display the KME solutions on the premises of builders’ merchants and at industry exhibitions, and the launch of a Europe-wide advanced construction industry training programme, the KME Academy.
KME establishes the joint venture KME-Zahner in association with the US firm owned by Bill Zahner, famous pioneer of metal curtain walls.

During the "Fuori Salone" exhibition, KME launches the new KME Design line of copper and copper alloy materials for interior design and architecture.
KME is the first European producer of semi-finished copper and copper alloy products to obtain the Antimicrobial Copper Cu+ mark.

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