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2005-2008: The entry of Intek and the concentration of all activities under KME Group S.p.A.

GIM launches a complex restructuring of its industrial and financial assets, the latter by means of a restructuring of its liabilities and recapitalisation which makes Intek SpA (quoted on the stock exchange) its largest shareholder. On 4 February 2005 "Industrie Intek Spa" becomes the largest shareholder of GIM with a 30.5% participation. Intek’s entry into the Group is accompanied by an increase in capital of € 152.4 million by the end of April. Brass rod manufacture is broken up in three national companies : KME Brass GmbH (headquarters and plant in Berlin), Europa Metalli Brass S.r.l., (headquarters and plant in Serravalle Scrivia) and Tréfimétaux Brass S.A.S. (headquarters in Courbevoie and plant in Boisthorel). The three new companies are fully owned by the Group’s main national companies.
SMI-Società Metallurgica Italiana changes its company name to KME Group S.p.A (31 May 2006), thus creating a more direct link to its industrial and production mission. Closure of the Campo Tizzoro (Pistoia) plant and transfer of the production of rolled products to the Fornaci di Barga (Lucca) plants and to the other Group companies. KME acquires 70% of the Chinese DD Heavy Machinery Co. Ltd and increases its participation from 30% to 70% of the two connected companies. This acquisition has the aim of consolidating the group’s presence in the Chinese market for copper and copper alloy special products.
GIM-Generale Industrie Metallurgiche is incorporated into Intek S.p.A. With the aim of reinforcing the integration between the Group’s numerous companies, the KME Group decides to adopt the single brandname KME© for all its subsidiaries. In consequence, starting from 1 May 2007, KM Europa Metal AG becomes KME Germany AG, Europa Metalli S.p.A. becomes KME Italy S.p.A., Tréfimetaux SA becomes KME France Sas, KME Brass GmbH becomes KME Brass Germany GmbH, Europa Metalli Brass S.r.l. becomes KME Brass Italy S.r.l., Tréfimétaux Brass S.A.S. becomes KME Brass France S.A.S. and LOCSA Laminados Oviedo-Cordoba S.A. becomes KME LOCSA S.A. All of KME operational and business activities are centralised at the level of KME Group SpA. Following this move, Italo Romano is confirmed as CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and nominated CEO with responsibility for the administrative, financial and other Group staff functions, while Domenico Cova is nominated COO (Chief Operating Officer) and CEO with responsibility for the Group’s industrial and commercial activities. KME Group S.p.A. establishes GreenergyCapital (ErgyCapital since 24.09.2008), a company operating in the renewable energy sector.
The German company KME Germany AG creates the company KME Germany AG & Co. KG, 100% controlled, to which it transfers its industrial operations. KME Germany AG (KME AG since June 2010) becomes, accordingly, a holding company which owns all the manufacturing subsidiaries of KME Group.

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