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KME – Environmental protection

KME not only works with a sustainable material, copper, but has for years established an environmental policy which is fully compliant with Community directives, as well as creating its own environmental protection initiatives.

The KME Group is increasingly committed to environmental themes, and this commitment has resulted in a series of specific initiatives to reinforce its already favourable starting point, founded as it is on the processing of a sustainable material, copper (see box on the right of the page).

Well aware of the key role played by recycling and resource economy, KME has always made best use of scrap materials in its production processes, to the extent that today (2006) scrap makes up 65% of our raw materials for the production of semi-finished products, as compared with the European average of 50%.

KME has taken the following concrete actions in the area of environmental protection :


It can be 100% recycled without altering its characteristics.

Recycling copper means protecting the environment with:

  • savings of 85% of the energy required to produce the primary metal
  • reduced emissions
  • reduced waste storage and disposal costs

.. and much more, as you’ll see in the copper section of this site.


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