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KME : responsibilities and commitments

The KME Group has embraced the concept of social responsibility, and is fully committed to environmental, safety and philanthropic themes, as well as adopting quality system certification.

Environmental protection

KME has an ongoing commitment to the environment : not only has it instituted environmental policies for the group as a whole and its individual plants which are fully compliant with EU standards, but in recent years it has launched a number of concrete initiatives.

Quality management

Certified quality management systems have been implemented in all KME Group companies with the aim of maximising customer satisfaction.

KME’s philanthropic commitment

KME supports and hosts on its own property the first Italian branch of the international association Hole in the Wall Camps, which organises summer camps for children affected by serious and chronic illnesses.

KME and art

... a relationship that goes a long way back in time: over the years our group has sponsored the restoration of important works of art such as the equestrian statue of Cosimo I de’ Medici (piazza della Signoria, Florence), the bronze sculpture of the Dancing Satyr attributed to Praxiteles, the statue of the Capitoline Wolf (in Rome),

Scultura di Alessandro Reggioli

the Gilded Bronzes from Cartoceto of Pergola (including the production of two exact copies of the equestrian statue of Nero Caesar) and Casa Zuccari, which houses the Deutsche Kunst Institut in Florence.


Also this year KME is sponsoring the exhibition of sculpture and painting by the Florentine artist Alessandro Reggioli, that will be held at the Teatro Romano di Fiesole (Florence) from September 20 to November 2, 2008.

The sculptures were created using KME brass sheets produced at Fornaci di Barga, supplied to the artist for his works.


KME aims to raise awareness of current legal provisions among KME staff and to oblige employees to adhere to the ethical rules and principles. Therefore KME has approved the adoption of a Code of Conduct intended to settle corporate guidelines for employees in their daily work, facing new ethical needs of regulation arisen in present economic scenario.


KME is seriously committed to R&D and promotion in the area of renewable energy and has established the ErgyCapital company to handle its activities in this sector.


KME is always committed to product and process innovation, in close partnership with its major users, thus offering its clients its "copper based solutions".


Dynamo CampKME has made a significant contribution to the opening of the first Italian Dynamo Camp, managed by the “Fondazione Dynamo”.


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