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KME creates ErgyCapital

A new Group company directly committed to the renewable energies sector

ErgyCapital SpA was established in July 2007 with the name of GreenergyCapital SpA as the result of a KME Group project to grasp the opportunities presented by the strong development of the renewable energy and resources sector predicted for the near future.

Quoted in the Italian Stock Exchange, the company boasts a team of managers with ample experience in the energy and private equity sectors. The Board of GreenergyCapital, headed by Vincenzo Cannatelli (Managing Director of the Ferretti Group), is composed of Vincenzo Manes and Diva Moriani (President and Vice-President respectively of the Intek Group), with Chicco Testa and Michele Candotti as independent councillors.

The company aims to grow sufficiently to be able to meet the challenge of the European expansion of the industry via financial investment in three areas :

  1. generation plants using renewable energy sources ;
  2. products, services and technologies linked to the renewable energy and energy savings industry ;
  3. financial investments (venture capital, minority holdings and funds) in the renewable energy industry.

ErgyCapital has made Aledia S.p.A (“Aledia”) its industrial partner for its technical and development needs.

Aledia is a company active in the design, installation and maintenance of plant for the production of electricity from renewable sources, as well as in the energy savings industry. Aledia was established at the beginning of 2006 by Vincenzo Cannatelli.

KME Group and its subsidiaries will benefit from the clean energy produced by generation plants installed by ErgyCapital in the industrial zones of the KME Group in Italy and beyond.


A 4.7 MWp photovoltaic facility, built by ErgyCapital, has been running at a KME plant in Serravalle Scrivia since the end of February 2009, which brings to completion the first 2.7 MWp section of the facility which had been running since december 2008.

It is the largest and most powerful photovoltaic facility running in Italy (according to GSE, as 2.2.2009) with a production capacity of more than 5 million kW/h per year, equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of more than 2,000 families.

The power produced by the facility will supply about 5% of the factory's energy needs and will make it possible to reduce our CO2 output by 75,000 tonnes over the 30 years it will be in operation (2,500 tonnes per year).

In May 2008, KME and ErgyCapital signed a general agreement for our plants to invest in renewable energy. The launch of this first section of the facility represents a major step forward in that commitment.



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