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KME Germany

KME AG is the German company with a holding role. The different manunfacturing units in Germany are KME Germany GmbH & Co. KG (whose General Partner is KME Germany Bet. GmbH), KME Brass Germany GmbH and Fricke GmbH

Our business in Germany is managed by:

  1. KME Germany GmbH & Co. KG, with plants in Osnabrück, Menden and Stolberg; it manufactures rolled products, tubes, special products and engineered products.
  2. KME Brass Germany GmbH, with a plant in Berlin, manufacturing brass rods, profiles and wires.
  3. Fricke GmbH, with a plant in Greven, manufacturing products for the building industry such as gutters and accessories.

The Quality Management System implemented in all German companies is certified to ISO 9001. In addition, KME plants in Stolberg and Menden and the stamping centre and foundries at our Osnabrück plant completely fulfill the requirements of the automotive standard ISO TS 16949.

Structure of KME German subsidiaries

  • Head offices in Osnabrück
  • 5 manufacturing sites in Germany : one in Berlin dedicated exclusively to brass rod (head offices of KME Brass Germany GmbH); the others in Osnabrück, Menden, Stolberg (KME Stolberg GmbH) and Greven (Fricke GmbH)
  • 1 important research centre in Osnabrück
  • A widespread domestic sales network (foreign markets go through the Group’s sales network)

In Germany KME manufactures rolled products, tubes, rods, melting and casting products and a wide range of special products.




Headquarters OSNABRÜCK

Production and Sales


KME Germany GmbH
KME Germany GmbH & Co. KG

P.O. Box 3320
49023 Osnabrück

Klosterstrasse 29
49074 Osnabrück

Tel. +49-(0)5 41-3 21-0
Fax +49-(0)5 41-3 21-13 66

HR B 18434 (Court of Registration, Osnabrück)
VAT No: DE 117644659
KME Germany GmbH & Co. KG
HR A 200902 (Court of Registration, Osnabrück)
VAT No: DE257040788

Production in BERLIN

Sales office

KME Brass Germany GmbH

P.O. BOX 27 02 55
13472 Berlin

Miraustrasse 10-14
13509 Berlin

Tel. +49-(0)30-40 97-0
Fax +49-(0)30-40 97-3 36

Production in GREVEN

Sales office

Fricke GmbH

Eichendorffweg 10
48268 Greven

Tel. +49-(0) 25 75-3 09-0
Fax +49-(0) 25 75-3 09-25

Production in MENDEN

Sales office

KME Germany GmbH & Co. KG

P.O. Box 3253
58690 Menden

Carl-Benz-Str. 13
58706 Menden

Tel. +49-(0) 23 73-1 61-0
Fax +49-(0) 23 73-1 61-249

Production in STOLBERG

Sales office

KMD Connectors Stolberg GmbH


Frankentalstraße 5
52222 Stolberg

Tel. +49-(0) 24 02-1 05-0
Fax +49-(0) 24 02-1 05-3 55
KMD Group

KMD Connectors Stolberg GmbH, with a plant in Stolberg, manufacturing connectors for the automotive industry, supplying profiled strips for all appications of connectors' industry and producing copper and copper alloy strips with blank surfaces or hot tin plated coatings.


The activities of KME Germany GmbH & Co KG are directed by a Management Board composed of:

  • Ulrich Becker (CEO)
  • Egon Mackowiak

The Management Board runs the German business in full integration with the Group’s management strategy.

The Osnabrück company has over 120 years of history in copper metallurgy, but the Stolberg plant is the oldest European metalworking plant, with records going back to as far the 15th century.

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