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KME Italy S.p.A.

KME Italy S.p.A., the Group's Italian manufacturing company, along with its subsidiary KME Brass Italy S.r.l., until 1.5.2007 it was known as Europa Metalli SpA

KME Italy, with its subsidiary KME Brass Italy S.r.l., handles the Italian activities of the Group, in full integration with Group strategy.

All Italian plants are quality certified ISO 9001; the Serravalle Scrivia plant has also obtained ISO 14000 environmental management certification.

The structure of KME Italy and its subsidiary KME Brass Italy

  • Head offices in Florence
  • 2 manufacturing plants in the centre-north of Italy
  • 1 important research centre, one of the most advanced in metallurgy and new materials
  •  Network of agencies and warehouses all over Italy (foreign requirements are handled by the Group’s sales network)

In Italy KME manufactures rolled products, tubes and rods.

KME Italy is the only Group company to manufacture mineral insulated cables


KME Italy


Headquarters FIRENZE

KME Italy S.p.A.
KME Brass Italy S.r.l.

Via Giorgio Saviane 6
50127 Firenze

Tel. +39 055 44111
Fax +39 055 4411240

KME Italy S.p.a.
REA 460501 (Cam. Commercio Firenze)
Partita IVA: IT04528110481
KME Brass Italy S.r.l.
REA 554562 (Cam. Commercio Firenze)
Partita IVA: IT05543980485

Sales office in MILANO

Architectural Solutions
KME Italy S.p.A.

Via Morimondo 26
20143 Milano
(ex Richard Ginori Int. A5)

Tel. +39 02 8914021
Fax +39 02 89140281

Production in Serravalle Scrivia
Sales office

KME Italy S.p.A.
KME Brass Italy S.r.l.

Via Cassano, 113
15069 Serravalle Scrivia (AL)

Tel. +39 0143 6091
Fax +39 0143 609 + int.
          int. 307 Copper tubes
          int. 317 Brass rods

Warehouse: copper tubes and brass rods

Production in Fornaci di Barga
Research & Development
Sales office

KME Italy S.p.A

Via della Repubblica, 257
55052 Fornaci di Barga (LU)

Tel. +39 0583 7011
Fax +39 0583 709623

Rolled Products
Tel. +39 0583 701 602-412
Fax +39 0583 701406

Mineral Insulated Cables
Tel. +39 0583 701412
Fax +39 0583 701406

Warehouse: rolled and special products

Sales Office in Berzonno di Pogno

KME Italy Brass S.r.l.

Via Salvo D'Acquisto, 24
28076 Berzonno di Pogno (NO)

Tel. +39 0322 97.178-200
Fax  +39 0322 97178

Warehouse: brass rods

Sales office in Concesio

KME Brass Italy S.r.l.

Via Ragazzi del '99, 10
25060 S. Vigilio di Concesio (BS)

Tel. +39 030 2180883
Fax  +39 030 2180262

Warehouse: brass rods

Sales Office in Padova

KME Italy S.p.A.
KME Brass Italy S.r.l.

Via Polonia, 35
35127 Padova (Zona Camin)

Tel. +39 049 7625211-2
Fax  +39 049 7625283

Warehouse: brass rods

Sales office in Osimo Scalo

KME Italy S.p.A.

Via Maestri del Lavoro, 12
60027 Osimo Scalo (AN)

Tel. +39 071 7213960
Fax  +39 0071 7213965

Warehouse: copper tubes

KME Italy SpA is managed by a Board of Directors composed of:

  • President: Italo Amedeo Romano
  • Directors: Vincenzo Autelitano, Marco Miniati, Enrico de Schoenfeld

The Italian business is run in full integration with the Group’s management strategy.


Members of the Board of Statutory Auditors: Vincenzo Pilla (President), Marco Lombardi, Lorenzo Boni (Acting auditors).


The Italian plants were managed directly by SMI until 1977, so that the KME Italy story starts in 1977, when SMI (now KME Group) became the financial holding company of the Group.

History of KME Italy


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