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Quality copper tubes from KME are suitable for most plumbing and heating applications and, thanks to their conformity to all relevant standards, offer reliability, durability and positive health and ecological properties.

Plumbing systems


  • SANCO®
    Hot and cold drinking water; distribution of combustible liquids and gases; solar panels.

  • SANCO® Radiant
    the ideal solution for meeting the specific needs of low temperature systems

  • SMISOL® Più
    Suitable for the distribution of drinking water and combustible liquids and gases.

  • SMISOL® Gas
    Designed for the distribution of combustible liquids and gases in underground areas.

  • SMISOL® One
    An ideal solution for heating systems and the distribution of drinking water.

  • WICU®
    Coated copper tube for the majority of sanitary heating and plumbing uses.

  • WICU® Eco
    Thermally insulated copper tube with a special polyurethane (PU) foam.

  • WICU® Frio
    Transport of coolants and heat-carrying liquids for multi-functional systems.

  • WICU® Clim
    Tube coated with polythene for air conditioning and the transport of gaseous refrigerants.

  • WICU® Flex
    Copper tube coated with a special foam that offers many advantages, including quicker installation.

    Tinned copper tube for drinking water, medical-hospital applications, alimentary use, service facilities.

  • Q-tec® λ
    Tube suitable for the distribution of drinking water and for radiator heating systems.

    System for radiant heat using copper tubes.

  • Q-tec®
    Coated copper tube for the majority of sanitary heating and plumbing uses.

    Network of copper tubes for wall-mounted radiant heating systems.

  • ASTM B88
    A range of copper plumbing tubes offered in accordance with ASTM B88


KME produces sanitary plumbing tubes for international markets.

Check the comparison table to have a look to our full product range and find the tube you are looking for.


Copper tubes offer long life, strength and maximum corrosion resistance and thus meet all the requirements for trusted and sure plumbing and heating systems. Copper tubes have long been considered ideal for all domestic applications:

  • hot water
  • cold water
  • drinking water
  • heating
  • gas, distribution of combustible fuels
  • drainage systems
  • solar panels


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