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Products and Markets

Through our products, we are proud of the key role our group plays in the world we live in.

Our product range includes a complete assortment of semi-finished copper and copper alloy products designed for use in numerous applications. We keep an open dialogue with our customers, so that we can work together to develop resourceful, economical solutions for all kinds of copper applications, old and new.

Architecture and building

KME offers copper as a basic material for architecture and building: surfaces and systems for roofing and facade cladding and for the draining of rainwater.

Plumbing systems

High performance copper tubes, both bare and covered, which are ideal for any plumbing and heating application in the building sector as well as for the distribution of medical gases in the healthcare industry.

Copper Industrial Tubes

A high level of quality characterizes our copper tubes; their characteristics have been studied to meet the needs of various industrial applications: air conditioning and refrigeration systems, construction of boilers, making of high-frequency coaxial cables, fittings and the solar heating industry.

Industrial Rolled products

KME manufactures rolled products made of copper, brass, bronze and other copper-based alloys in every shape and size and with different surface treatments in order to meet the requests from many industrial sectors.

Brass and copper rods

KME has the widest range of brass and copper rods on the market, in every size and shape, for all fields of application, from architecture to the electrical industry.

Engineered products

KME is a worldwide leader in the supply of copper and special alloy components for the continuous casting of steel and non-ferrous metals, just as it is a qualified and professional partner in the designing of these systems.

Special products

We are able to create highly technological products: piping systems for the marine industry, tube bundles, mineral insulated cables, special extruded and drawn products in every size and shape, and finished machined parts based on the customer's design.

antimicrobial copper

Antimicrobial copper

KME Plus® is our new range of alloys with antimicrobial activity backed by scientific evidence.


It is difficult to imagine today's world without the use of copper: electrical energy, heating, air conditioning, plumbing, transport and communications are all important aspects of our everyday lives which are taken for granted, but which could not exist in the way that we know it without the substantial use of copper components.

KME is therefore an important partner in the industrial sectors of primary importance, such as:


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