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Special semis

KME “Special products” Business Unit is composed of three divisions: Marine Applications, Tube bundles and Extruded & Drawn.

  • Seawater piping systems
    Production of copper based alloys for piping systems in shipbuilding, offshore installations and other marine applications.

  • OSNALINE® Tube Bundles
    KME tube bundles, known as OSNALINE® are used for many industrial applications including offshore, shipbuilding and the building industry.

  • Extruded and drawn products
    Production of copper and copper alloys for electrical and different industrial applications.

  • Extruded and drawn tubes
    Tubes made from high conductive copper alloys for high power and high current engineering and special applications

  • Special Parts
    Machined copper parts usually based on customers design

  • Mineral insulated cables
    KME manufactures power cables and heating cables with mineral insulation and copper and copper alloy (CuproNickel) sheathing.

  • ELBRODUR® - Alloys for welding applications
  • OSNA-Cu58® - Copper for free machining
  • ANCU® - Anodes for electroplating
  • PROCU® - Copper for electrical application
  • OSNA®-10 - Seawater pipes
  • OSNA®-30 - Seawater pipes
  • OSNALINE® - Tubes and tube-bundles

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