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KME Academy: Europe’s leading seminar and training program for building applications

Think global, act local – following this principle for sustainable activities, KME has established its seminar program for advanced training for the building industry all over Europe with a clear focus on customer demands. Directly after its start in 2010 the KME Academy imparted practical knowledge on the highest level for professional applications of quality copper products – for building envelope designs (TECU®, Architectural Solutions) as well as for house installations (SANCO®, WICU®, SMISOL®, etc.). The manifold specific market demands and application criteria in the various European regions are embedded in the seminars and trainings, and general topics of interest for building purposes are an integrated part of the program.

Along with Theory Seminars there are as well Certified Application Trainings for planning and implementation of sanitary and heating installations. Special practical seminars for roof and façade constructions offer outstanding opportunities to deepen the knowledge about cladding techniques and professional rules and standards. Run by experienced trainers with an in depth knowledge of either the best or the most favored solutions in the different fields of applications in the building industry KME’s new training approach became the leading European KME Academy seminar and training program.

Training programs and seminars are mainly planned for architects, planning engineers, building companies, installers of roof and façade systems, plumbers and wholesaler staff and care as well for specific regional requirements. Students and apprentices are addressed with specific seminar offers. For all KME customers and clients in building applications individual training and seminar modules are developed and constantly updated and optimized within the Europe-wide KME Academy network. With these activities a truly market and customer orientated program is realized offering an essential contribution to reach a leading level of knowledge and skills within the European building industry. At the same time this very close communication between customer and manufacturer is as well influencing the improvement of KME’s products, solutions and services offered to the market.


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