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Unique Characteristics of Copper

Copper is a natural material with exceptional physical-chemical properties that make it unique.

The many and specific physical-chemical properties of copper are key factors in the success of this material and its extensive and diversified use.

In the periodic table of elements copper is in the same group as gold and silver in which it shares many of the same characteristics, to the point of being defined a "semi" noble metal if not a true noble metal.

Its parameters in terms of reliability, longevity, safety, workability, protection of human health, and environmental sustainability are a guarantee for the industries and end users of the products.

Copper's extremely high electrical conductivity (second only to the more expensive silver) is absolutely key for its use in the electric and electronics industries.

Copper's excellent thermal conductivity, heat and pressure resistance, antibacterial properties and reliability make it the reference material for heating systems, drinking water, air conditioning/refrigeration and gas tubing.

Copper's aesthetic characteristics (remember that copper and gold are the only "coloured" metals), durability, corrosion resistance and mechanical behaviour are critical factors for its architectural applications, but also for mechanical components, transport vehicles, consumer goods, minting, the marine industry, etc.

The combination of all these characteristics makes copper an "irreplaceable" metal, especially if we consider the numerous copper alloys.


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