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Vision and strategy

Our Vision

To continue to be a world leading group in the copper and copper alloy semi-finished products sector and continue to generate long term profits for our shareholders while strengthening our commitment to environmental and social sustainability.

Our Mission

As the leader in our market:

  1. to intensify our collaboration and partnership with our customers with the aim of improving and developing new quality products and services which
    • satisfy their requirements
    • help them to improve their position in a highly competitive market
    • help to reduce “system costs”
    • constitute a solid basis for mutual collaboration
  2. to intensify our efforts towards ongoing financial stability and profitability to guarantee our shareholders opportunities for future growth on the one hand, and the safety and security of our employees on the other
  3. to continue to reduce the environmental impact of our production processes and promote initiatives in environmental protection and social responsibility, in the interests of our host communities and future generations.

Dynamo CampKME supports and hosts on its own property the first Italian branch of the international Hole in the Wall Camps, which organises summer camps for children affected by serious and chronic illnesses.


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