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The aesthetic and economical alternative by KME in the field of architecture and decoration.


KME has developed a brass and bronze product range intended for architectural work and decoration: arkita®.
To assist customers in all aspects of the installation of arkita® products, KME provides comprehensive support: technical advice, metal comparisons.

Architectural brass and bronze are perfectly suitable for drilling, sawing, milling, thread rolling, etc. No special preparation is necessary. Every method of mechanical assembly can be used with architectural brass and bronze: screwing, riveting, etc. The natural elasticity of brass allows for the assembly of complex shapes by clipping (frames, etc.).
Some arkita® products are available on stock : please contact KME Brass Rods and ask for the arkita® stock brochure.

Framing Systems for door and window casement
These profiles are used to manufacture all types of bronze profile systems for windows, doors, facades and curtain walls, with non-thermal or full thermal bridge systems. They can be used as load-bearing structures or as capping on traditional structures.
They are delivered as extruded and in lengths between 3 and 5m. Contact us for full alloy list and size range. 

FLOOR SECTIONS for interior decoration and fitting-out

In cooperation with manufacturers of floor products, KME extrudes brass sections for applications such as stair nosing, carpet trim, tile edging, cover strip, threshold plate, expansion joints, edge protectors. These bars are delivered as extruded, straightened with lengths between 3 and 5 m.

Sections for Handrails, hinges, curtain rails and bolts, window channels

These sections, produced in a wide variety of forms fit into all styles of decoration, and contribute to creating an atmosphere of comfort and sophistication. They are delivered as extruded, straightened and in standard lengths between 3 and 5 m.

Colours and Material Finish Effects

In many cases some Arkita® brass sections can be coloured, polished, brushed or shot-blasted.

Colour: Gold
Colour: Natural (architectural bronze)
Colour: Light bronzeColour: Medium bronze
Colour: Dark bronze
Finish: Polished
Finish: Brushed
Finish: Shot-blasted CER 30
Finish: Shot-blasted CA 70
Finish: Shot-blasted CG