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KME’s history dates back to 1886 – since then KME has consolidated European copper manufacturing assets under several different legal entities.
In 2006, KME acquired a majority participation in China and in 2014 it further expanded in the country via a JV; in 2017 KME expanded into the US.

The Orlando Family assumed leadership of SMI (Società Metallurgica Italiana). SMI was established in 1886 and 1902 had been listed on the Milan Stock Exchange from 1897
SMI purchased 76.9% of the German leading producer of copper and copper alloys semi-finished products KM -Kabelmetal AG and became the GIM-SMI Group
GIM-SMI Group founded KM Europa Metal AG (KME). KME concentrated management of the group’s European activities in one company, which was located in Germany and controlled 100% of the Group’s industrial activities in Germany, France, Italy and Spain. In the same year KME and the Finnish group Outokumpu created a 50/50 joint-venture in LOCSA (Laminados Oviedo Cordoba S.A.) based in Oviedo, Spain for the production of rolled products
SMI purchased 98.17% of KME’s shares through a voluntary public tender offer (the remaining minorities were squeezed out in 2002)
Intek S.p.A. became the largest shareholder
SMI changed its name to KME Group SpA and increased its participation in DD Heavy Machinery to 70%
KME Group S.p.A. incorporated IntekS.p.A and changed its name to IntekGroup S.p.A.
The UK plumbing tubes business was sold to Mueller and a JV with Golden Dragon and Chogquing Wanzhou Economy Technology Development Co., Ltd. (the “KMD (HK) JV”)
The production of the tubes of Onsabrück plant was transfered to Menden and the plant and overhead structure was optimized. Additionally, KME performed a top management and corporate functions reduction across the Group
KME sold 49% of its share in KME France S.A.S. (now, TrefimetauxS.a.S.) to the European Copper Tubes Limited. The sale included part of the operations in plants in Givet and Niederbruck (France) and in Serravalle Scrivia (Italy). KME now operates these plants through the subsidiary Tréfimétaux a joint venture with the European Copper Tubes Limited
Expansion into US market via an acquisition of a production facility servicing US Navy program
Inaugural €300m Senior Secured Notes issuance
MKM acquisition; Brass and Tubes (Germany and Spain) sale; purchase of 49% of Trefimetaux SaS
Transformation of KME AG in KME SE
At the Osnabrück site, KME is divided into two companies: KME Germany GmbH (copper products) and KME Special Products GmbH (special products).