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Bigger, faster, sharper: KME copper for better (tele)vision

A steadily growing number of manufacturers of high-resolution TFT displays rely on copper solutions from KME for their future products. Due to its inherently excellent electric conductivity and its outstanding suitability in modern production techniques, copper is a guarantor for best image quality on monitors and TV displays using the most recent and upcoming 4K, 8K and UHD technologies. KME know-how is setting standards in the field for efficient production with consistent material properties and optimum results.

Modern high-resolution displays enhance readability on mobile devices and allow viewers to enjoy sharp, moving images on large format LCD monitors without causing fatigue, even when they are watching from very close distances. Most of the brand new and upcoming 4K, 8K and UHD TV systems available in dimensions up to home cinema sizes showcase their high-end qualities by making highly efficient use of the latest sophisticated thin foil technology.

The electrode layers of the thin foil transistors (TFTs) that act as energy regulators for the extremely sharp images are key to rendering high quality imagery. With optimum electric conductivity and homogenous material distribution across the entire display surface, these layers ensure fast and precise transmission of the image signals to more than 8 million pixels, and soon to over 33 million pixels in the high resolutions of next generation displays.

More and more display manufacturers are opting for copper as their material of choice for the electrode layers, and they are choosing KME as their partner of choice for the specific material modifications needed to guarantee efficient serial production. Copper is a better electrical conductor than any other metal – except for silver, which is far more expensive –translating into extremely short response times to rapidly changing electrical signals and highest possible image refresh rates. Specially modified copper from KME is also particularly suitable for sputtering, a modern technical process whereby the metal is transferred into the gaseous phase in a vacuum and condenses on the display in extremely thin and homogenous layers.

Advanced KME engineering delivers the key qualities needed to meet the high demands in thin foil manufacturing by exploiting to the full the natural advantages copper offers. Extreme accuracy of the perfectly adjusted material composition and exact geometries of the sputter targets are decisive for achieving highest homogeneity and reproducibility of thin foils in serial production. As an experienced developer and manufacturer of high quality copper or copper alloy semis and high-end special products, KME brings valuable know-how into its close work with customers using high-tech applications like this for successful production.

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