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Inside a vast green patio the architects of Parallel chose shiny TECU® Classic_coated to clad a prism-formed cafeteria being the landmark of River Plaza, located in Asnières (France). The copper prism can be seen from all sides of the renovated office building: from the first steps in the main hall, from the secondary access points, but also from the various office floors. As a living and meeting place it houses a Working-Café and connects the reception hall and the corridors with the green spaces of the patio.

Each detail has been designed and integrated to give the illusion of a solid copper block with walls that have been hollowed out to accommodate a new space. Having a strong signal in mind, Parallel Architects chose the contrast of the red copper colour TECU® Classic in contrast to the grey shades of the roofs and claddings of existing facades. The coating will preserve it over time and its brilliance plays with the different shades of green in the garden. TECU® Classic_coated is the time-tested TECU® Classic copper in various thicknesses, provided with a transparent 2-layer PVDF coating system. TECU® Classic_coated: the longer bright beauty of copper!

 TECU® Classic_coated
PROJECT: Cafétaria Le River Plaza, Asnières (FR)
ARCHITECT: Parallel, Paris (FR)
INSTALLER: Boutel, Quincampoix (FR)
PHOTOS: ©Cleaveland 


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