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Optimized LED lamps: KME high-performance alloy for a new connector module

A special KME copper alloy plays a significant part in an engineering innovation for modern LED lighting systems. The German company BJB has developed a main connector element for a new generation of COB-LEDs produced by an American manufacturer. The new connector makes assembly of LED lamps much easier than before.

Compact designs and higher efficiency are BJB's guiding principles when it comes to innovation. The lighting engineering specialist from Neheim in Germany has taken a further step towards highly efficient LED technology by developing the new COB (chip on board) connector for the American company Bridgelux. An important part of the connector, the integrated module for electricity feed-in, is made of a special copper alloy from KME.

The KME alloy was well chosen, as it offers key technical and economical advantages for this application: The outstanding electric conductivity is complemented by highly suitable mechanical qualities that allow excellent workability.

The new COB connector is a central element for LED spots and down lights where the most important components of the lighting system are connected and closely linked to each other. With the new connector, the complete lamp system can be delivered ready-to-mount to lamp manufacturers or lighting technicians.

BJB will provide the new connector solely for the company’s co-operation partner Bridgelux, the market leader for LED illuminants in the USA. The Bridgelux customer range comprises well-known lamp manufacturers who will benefit from ready for connection and ready-to-mount COB modules in the near future – last but not least thanks to a very efficient high performance copper alloy from KME.

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