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Viereck Architekten have applied the latest 'offsite' construction principles to their own office building [BOX:09] in Graz, Austria, defined by an innovative 3-D brass external skin which is a naturally weathering living surface.

The [BOX:09] concept uses standardised, prefabricated, fully-finished modules to create open-plan spaces for living or working. The individual modular units are factory-built with all finishes and services in place. On a footprint of only 400m² the office project demonstrates the potential to build on a site that would otherwise not be feasible. As the building is elevated, the area below can be used for parking.

Central to the architectural quality of the project is the facade, made of TECU® Brass_wave 3-D panels with a distinctive pattern. It was important for the architects to use sustainable and ecological building materials such as brass and solid wood. In addition to very low maintenance costs of the fabric, high levels of insulation and innovative energy systems also help reduce operating costs.

TECU® Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, initially with a distinctive golden yellow colour. When exposed to the atmosphere the surface begins to darken within weeks and can change to a dark brown, sometimes in only a year. Generally, older vertical brass surfaces will remain dark brown, although a blue/green patina can eventually develop on roofs or other areas where rainwater dwells longer. The changes that can occur and their timings are localized and determined by several factors including orientation, weather and air quality.

KME MATERIAL: TECU® Brass_wave (weathered)
PROJECT: [BOX:09], Graz, AT
ARCHITECT: Viereck Architekten, Graz, AT
INSTALLER: TR Flachdachbau, Dobl, AT
PHOTOS: ©Wolfgang Croce

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