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KME copper escape lanes for superconductors.

The phenomenon of superconductivity has been known for over 100 years: Under certain conditions, some materials drop their electrical resistance and allow a loss-free flow of electricity. Special copper solutions from KME are the perfect choice to match the technically demanding use of superconductivity, adding that decisive factor of functional reliability to superconducting cables.

The cable setup gives an insight into the high level of technical know-how required. KME has integrated an effective copper solution that provides a safeguard against the susceptibility of superconductivity to breakdowns. In the KME production process, the superconducting strands are encased under pressure in a high-precision engineering process with high-purity copper. Due to its outstanding electrical conductivity, this copper sheath serves as an ideal conventional conductor to provide a "power escape lane" in case of critical current density, thus taking surplus load off the superconducting material. The temporary offloading function protects power supply lines from cable damage caused by overheating.

In addition to its expertise in the creation of efficient safety solutions, KME has the large-scale precision technology needed to manufacture the primary copper material used in superconductor cables. Even extreme cable lengths for external applications that do not have any risky joining points are possible, making the installation of superconducting power lines over distances of more than 10 km a reality. At all levels, copper solutions from KME cover the basic requirements for technically safe usage of superconductivity.

Superconductors are mainly used in demanding fields of application such as magnetic resonance imaging, nuclear research, machine engineering or transformer production. They ensure highest efficiency and utmost performance safety.


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