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With our TECU® trainings, we give you a clear and compact overview of the diversity and advantages of our TECU® products. Look forward to informative content and expand your knowledge with our free online offers.


TECU® Online Seminar
Presenter: Sandy Harrison

TECU® copper for roof and façade designs - a decision with plenty of scope for creativity. The sustainable TECU® products from KME offer unique possibilities: Fascinating natural surfaces made of copper and copper alloys provide unprecedented design options. Prefabricated system elements enable a wide variety of solutions, from free form to the fast and economical realisation of large surfaces.

In this TECU® training, we would like to inspire you and give you a compact overview of the diversity and benefits of our TECU® range.

Registration 02.12.2021

TECU® Online Seminar
Referent: Sandy Harrison

Sustainability, recycling, upcycling and circular economy are current and future topics, especially in the building segment. In this online TECU® training, we will show you the advantages of TECU® copper sheets and strips for use in modern architecture for sustainable buildings.

Registration 09.12.2021