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Bars and Profiles

Carrying every form of energy.
Bar none.

KME is one of the worldwide leading producers of copper bars and profiles. Our production range encompasses a wide spectrum of sizes in various types of copper. We offer flat bars, round bars, square bars and – if supplied with technical drawings – profiles made of copper and low-alloyed copper alloys.

As an experienced and reliable partner with fully integrated production, KME has long been keeping pace with changes in the market. The latest trends involve additional alloying as well as low oxygen (OF) and oxygen-free (OFE) copper – and we’re involved in those things too. We manufacture in compliance with all of the major standards such as EN, ASTM, GOST and JIS as well as fulfilling specialised requirements.

We are able to produce copper profiles with full cross-section in various shapes. This product family includes trapezoidal profiles for the production of collector profiles for DC motors and rotor bars for AC motors. We can mechanically process our profiles for you in a variety of ways from a single source and also supply them ready for assembly and in small series according to your drawings and specifications. Depending on the required hardness, the possible dimensions vary from 25 - 5,000 mm2 cross-sectional area. For detailed advice on the many possibilities of mechanical processing, please contact us directly.


  • Power engineering / electrical engineering (switchgear construction, buses, transformers)
  • Wind power (onshore/offshore)
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Supply Equipment


Standard sizes are available straight off our warehouse shelves. KME bars come in specially made, standard-compliant, secure packaging. Our packaging guarantees retention of shape, ensuring that a product’s properties are preserved to the utmost after leaving the factory. Sea-freight packaging is something else we offer as standard. We can assess individual requirements provided they can be presented technically, and offer them for an extra charge.



Eberhard Kipka
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Markus Michalowski
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Bars & Profiles
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