TEMIX O2® is a high-purity copper tube with a copper content of > 99.90%, phosphorus-deoxidised, Cu-DHP, acc. to ISO 1553. It has a circular cross-section, is seamless and of consistent nominal thickness. TEMIX O2® is subjected to a special de-greasing process and to treatment for the removal of any potential residues on the internal wall of the tube. Due to this treatment, the tube is suitable for the distribution of oxygen and medical gases in accordance with AFNOR FD S 90-155 and the standard NF EN 737 "Calculation of systems for the distribution of medical gases".

TEMIX O2® fulfils all specifications and requirements of standard NF EN 13348 "Copper tubes for medical gases", in particular due to:

  • a residual lubricant content on the internal surface of the tube of no more than 10 mg/m2
  • perfect gas impermeability

TEMIX O2® is closed at both ends. In order to maintain the level of cleanliness of the interior wall achieved at the end of the industrial process, TEMIX O2® copper tubes are closed at both ends by a specially developed, hermetic protective cap, which protects the interior surface of the tube from contamination during storage or transport and can be easily removed at the very last moment prior to installation.



TEMIX O2® tube is intended for the provision of supply networks for medical gases and liquids:

  • Oxygen, nitrous oxide, helium, carbon dioxide, xenon
  • Respiratory air
  • Specific mixtures of the gases stated above
  • Air required for the operation of surgical instruments
  • Anaesthetic gases and vapours
  • Vacuum

The tubes are designed in such a way that they are suitable for use at operating pressures between vacuum and 2000 kPa (20 bar).


TEMIX O2® is easily recognisable by its permanently engraved marking. This marking is performed in compliance with standard NF EN 13348 every 60cm. Thanks to the following details, it guarantees the long-term traceability of the tube:

  • Reference to standard NF EN 13348
  • Internal tube dimensions: Outer diameter x wall thickness
  • Identification of the manufacturer and factory number
  • Date of manufacture: Year and quarter
  • Trade brand

The tubes are designed in such a way that they are suitable for use at operating pressures from vacuum to 2000 kPa (20 bar).


TEMIX O2® must be laid in compliance with the specifications of the manufacturers and distributors of medical gases pursuant to document AFNOR FD S 90 155, standard NF EN 737 and the applicable regulations.



TEMIX O2® is manufactured at the Givet plant in France within the framework of the quality system certified by the AFAQ (Association Française pour l'Assurance Qualité), which corresponds with the European standard EN ISO 9001:2015. A photocopy of the certificate can be provided upon request.