Tube systems in high-risk technical areas and EX-zones need to meet special requirements in order to ensure they are not the cause of breakdowns, fires or explosions. KME is now offering its newly developed OSNALINE® ANTISTATIC tube bundles, a patented solution for optimal safety levels and economical installation.

The hazardous working conditions prevailing in the chemical and petrochemical industry place highest demands on the safety of technical installations. One vital factor is to absolutely avoid electrostatic charges in potentially highly explosive areas. In order to meet such critical safety requirements, KME has developed the new OSNALINE®  ANTISTATIC tube bundles, a product that also offers optimized functionality and highest efficiency. The new tube bundles complete KME’s versatile range of well-established OSNALINE® tube systems with a patented antistatic option that has an outer TPU jacket: no electrostatic charge, no risk of electrostatic discharge.

OSNALINE® ANTISTATIC was developed with a focus on higher efficiency and simpler installation. So far, bundled tube lines for hazard zones have only been available as completely pre-assembled systems in short dimensions that could not be cut to size on site.  OSNALINE® ANTISTATIC tube bundles now offer ready-to-use solutions in long sizes including all necessary connection accessories as per customer requirements. The tube bundles can be easily adjusted to their final lengths during installation on site.

OSNALINE® ANTISTATIC offers another decisive advantage for safety inspections, as the product safety standard is clearly specified. Furthermore, installing longer tube bundles means a significant reduction of checkpoints, consequently of working hours and costs.