Every OSNALINE® product leaving our production is thoroughly tested for operational security. Final product testing consists of:

  • Pressure testing according to specification up to max. 290 bar
  • Internal tube diameter consistency testing
  • External tube diameter and thickness conformity testing
  • Labelling check

Proven process reliability and strict Quality Management at all stages of production are our customer’s guarantee of getting the high quality products they have to come to associate with OSNALINE® (Quality certificates).

Storage and Handling. Ready for safe shipping around the world

OSNALINE® tube bundles are wound onto sturdy wooden reels which are then securely lagged, ready for shipping around the world. All tube bundle ends are protected with heat-shrinkable sealing caps against ingress of dust and moisture during storage and installation.

All tube bundles are supplied on wooden reels with diameters from 900 to 2.240 mm (approx. 35" to 90"). The reels are finished:

  • completely boarded for oversea transportation
  • as a „crate” for lorry-transportation
  • with labels for correct type and length of the tube bundle