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We also offer our customers brass wires for the making of small precision machined components.


We provide round, hexagonal and square leaded brass wire in coils from 30 kg to 1500 kg. They are manufactured in size 1,75 – 15 mm for round sections, 2,5 – 13 mm for hexagonal and octagonal sections and 2,5 – 13 mm for square sections.
This range is complemented by a new concept product: TURBILINE®, specially designed for precision turned parts.

TURBILINE® combines a brass wire, a coiling method and a drum packaging. The TURBILINE® wire's special production process gives an exceptionnal "straightness memory" to guarantee extraordinary performances in productivity and precision machinability.

In the production of machined brass components, for electronic, connection and micromechanical applications, TURBILINE® offers the following advantages over competing products:

  • 500 kg autonomy of feed,

  • elimination of blocking risk (the spires no longer cross)

  • excellent machinability,

  • range suited for each type of application,

  • simplicity of installation and use,

  • increased productivity,

  • remote feed (flexible workshop).