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SANCO® tube – the bare copper tube for sanitary and heating installations

The SANCO® tube does not contain elements such as colourants, additives, stabilisers, plasticizers and deflocculants that may be present in alternative materials derived from petroleum. SANCO® is completely recyclable and therefore fully respects the environment.

SANCO® provides higher quality than that required by the regulations and standards and therefore offers much better performance with respect to the copper tubes commonly found on the market.


  • Manufactured in accordance with European Standard DIN EN 1057
  • Physical state: R220 (coils) – R290 (straight pipes)
  • Absolute roughness: e.= 0.0015 mm
  • Linear thermal expansion coefficient: 0.0168 mm/m°C
  • Thermal conductivity: λ = 364 W/m°C (at 20°C)
  • Carbon residue: C<0.06 mg/dm2 (coils of tubing)
  • Does not soften at high temperatures
  • Completely impermeable to gases
  • Resistant to UV ray

Deliverable in 50 m coils of tubing: 6-22 mm (note: 22 mm diameter available in 25 m coils) and 5 m straight tubes: 6-108 mm (sizes up to 267 mm available upon request)





  • in hot and cold drinking water
  • Distribution of combustible liquids and gases
  • Radiant panels

If drinking water, heating, oil or gas. There is one tube: SANCO®.