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New WAVE® in Continuous Casting of Steel

A consistent exact strand shape is one of the secrets of success in industrial continuous casting of steel semi products. Based on long years of experience in steel works around the world, KME Engineering has developed a copper mould tube with a special WAVE® profile that contributes significantly to quality improvement.

The new KME WAVE® mould is one more proof of the central part modern mould technology plays in efficient industrial steel production. The process of continuous casting of steel is often prone to profile deformations of the steel strand which can significantly reduce efficiency. Insufficient stability of the strand when leaving the mould has been recognized as the primary cause of these deformations.

KME Engineering has developed an intelligent and effective concept to adapt cooling and forming of the steel strand more perfectly to the production process. The inside of the new mould tube design features a series of WAVE® profiles running in the direction of casting. In the casting process, these profiles cause a mirror image of their pattern to be formed on the solidifying molten steel, the strand shell. While copper allows quick and controlled cooling of the molten steel due to its outstanding thermal conductivity, the remaining contact between the mould profile and its mirrored image on the steel strand facilitates a very smooth heat dissipation and consequently more consistent material forming. The cast strand is stabilized when leaving the mould, and deviations in the strand profile are as far as possible eliminated.

The WAVE® mould is already used successfully in many steel works all over the world, resulting in better product quality and longer service life of the mould tubes. A further decisive economic advantage is that the WAVE® mould is fully compatible with all existing casting machine components.


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