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Il maggior produttore di rame dedicato ai rivestimenti architettonici lancerà il nuovo TECU® Premium al BAU 2017.

Copper is 100 percent recyclable by nature. It can be used over and over again without any loss of performance or qualities.

Service at it’s best from KME. From now on you can always use the free app...

New KME copper solution for efficient cooling in pig iron production - Copper staves are generally...

A special KME copper alloy plays a significant part in an engineering innovation for modern LED lighting systems.

GRUPPO KME: firmato l'accordo bancario, scadenza al 2018 per Euro 505 milioni di linee di credito

In 2016 again, STANZTEC in Pforzheim remains the unchallenged number 1...

KME copper escape lanes for superconductors.



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