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Etudes in Gold

Anything goes when architecture creates both perfect harmony with the built environment and the best possible conditions for the core use.

The Berlin office of TRU Architekten has achieved an exemplary result with two supplementary pavilions for the Berlin University of the Arts used as practice rooms for music students. In both of the two identical cuboid pavilions in the back courtyards, seven soundproof practice rooms are available to music students. The corrugated metal cladding of the curtain wall consists of TECU® Gold, a special copper alloy from KME, which requires no maintenance whatsoever and is characterised by its extraordinary durability and complete recyclability. In this case, it is not used for weather protection, but solely for the overall aesthetic appearance, not least because of its fine perforation.

The core of the pavilions consists of prefabricated and acoustically decoupled wooden room modules. The factory prefabricated external walls were completed on site with the TECU® Gold copper cladding on an aluminium substructure. For this purpose, the corrugated and perforated panels were visibly riveted into the depressions. Thanks to the high quality of workmanship, the edges of the individual panels can only be seen from a very short distance when looking closely. The copper waves seem to oscillate seamlessly and endlessly around the building, whereby the desired translucency, which results from the deliberately chosen combination of wave depth and perforation, allows diffuse views of the building core depending on the lighting conditions.

The project shows itself in changing lighting conditions equally powerful and harmoniously integrated into the spatial and musical context. In the sunshine the light flickers on the perforated copper skin and plays elegantly on the instrument with the matt shiny surface, in the twilight vertically aligned floor spotlights effectively set the ensemble of new and old facades into a stage-like scene. On occasion, a backlit window with a musical figure appears to the passer-by through the perforated copper skin, and from the open window gap the sounds of a gold etude may emerge, leaving a sustaining impression.


KME Material: TECU® Gold_special
Project: Pavilions with practice rooms for music students of the UdK, Berlin
Architect: TRU Architekten, Berlin
Profile Production: MN Metall GmbH, Neustadt
Facade construction: HSP Fassadenbau, Kolkwitz
Photos: ©KME

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