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KME Mould-Organiser

KME Shaping Moulds Digital Future

New KME MouldOrganiser for Copper Mould Plates - In recent years, significant progress has been made toward the implementation of Industry 4.0 with the development of digitized, automated, and connected steel production processes. KME is supporting this advancement with the introduction of the MouldOrganiser, an innovative sensor system whereby important mould operating parameters such as identification number, time in service and copper thickness are automatically recorded. In addition, the MouldOrganiser simplifies data organization for Mould performance tracking, maintenance and procurement purposes.

The basis of this new system is a custom-built sensor integrated into the copper plate that will automatically log key statistics during casting and re-machining operations. These data are then transmitted via Bluetooth to a smartphone app which allows additional information, such as comments and photos, to be added. Data can be transferred to a cloud portal where it is synchronized, encrypted and made accessible to authorized users. Integration with the cloud portal gives customers access to an automated evaluation of their operating data, moving another step closer to a “Smart Mould” solution. In addition, the use of the cloud portal allows downloading of corresponding technical drawings, inspection certificates and dimensional protocols for each mould. By combining the MouldOrganiser with the cloud portal, record-keeping is simplified with key information readily available to both the primary user and those in other departments, e.g. the maintenance. This allows the potential for big data analysis and much improved insight into how the mould is performing.

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