• Air conditioning and refrigeration systems
  • Refrigerant gas transportation
  • Transport of medical gases

Advantages of the Product

Main Features

SCT offers a complete range of copper tubes for both the plumbing-sanitary sector and industrial applications. SCT tubes are manufactured with the highest possible levels of quality, in full compliance with prevailing technical standards and respecting customer specifications.

To enable a clear distinction between the technical applications addressed by different product categories, we have introduced the MediClim® brand, which satisfies the requirements of two highly specialised areas such as medical equipment and refrigeration-air conditioning.

MediClim® tubing has a high degree of internal cleanliness and is specially designed for the conveyance of industrial gases and refrigerants as well as vacuum distribution. They can be used in high-pressure systems and have excellent workability characteristics. Special patented processes ensure that the inside of the tubing is factory-cleaned to a very high degree, assuring perfect compatibility with the special requirements of the various intended application fields. MediClim® is manufactured according to standards EN 12735-1 and EN 13348.