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Resolute market and customer orientation promotes visions and growth. In order to ensure the three core values of KME: innovation, efficiency and quality, research and development takes utmost priority. 

Customers in the most various application fields rightly demand highest standards. Our continuous research is therefore oriented to market conditions and customer requirements, always enabling us to develop new and improved materials, surfaces and processes for the manufacture and application of copper and copper alloys.

Copper is a unique material with an extraordinarily high development potential. Our comprehensively equipped laboratory and development areas are certified according to  IATF 16949. Here, qualified teams of scientists and engineers work on issues along and even beyond the entire value chain of copper – from the raw material over alloy production right down to the production of semi-finished copper products and from the finished part though to market application. 

In our lab facilities, the engineering of alloys and casting techniques can be studied on a production-related scale in realistic operating conditions and with in-depth scientific expertise. Trial and experimental castings in magnitudes from a few kilograms to several tons provide fast and reliable development results.

All required tests and analysis can be conducted: Material and failure analysis, corrosion investigations, material tests (for the determination of mechanical and physical properties) and chemical analysis.

KME maintains cooperation projects with companies, universities and research facilities worldwide, and actively supports both national and international research projects. Furthermore, we proactively participate in the standardisation of products and processes. We engage ourselves regularly in supporting students’ training and theses. KME encourages employees to think innovatively, thus promoting the quest for technical innovations, sustainability and growth. This process is enhanced by the extensive activities in the field of research and development.

We would be delighted to provide you with detailed information on the focal points of our research:

  • Treatment & recycling of materials
  • Metallurgy & casting technology
  • Production technology (rolling, extrusion, forging, drawing, stamping, machining, coating, joining)
  • Numerical simulation
  • Material science
  • Surface technology
  • Material testing
  • Process development
  • Application engineering