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KME supplies preliminary strip as well as a wide range of finished strip including industrial strip, transformer strip, cable and HF cable strip, roofing strip and strip sheets.

All strip products are manufactured at KME's three main sites on technically well-established equipment. For example, the Conti-M® works at the Hettstedt site with a unique cast-rolling technology works without interruption by transferring metal melted from cathodes into a solid state via a twin-belt casting machine (Hazelett). From there it goes directly into the hot-rolling mill and continues on to become milled, hot-rolled strip. The Conti-M® process bypasses the conventional step of hot-rolling slabs, working instead continuously from liquid to solid state, thus tying up the first part of the process chain in an innovative way.

By choosing KME pre-rolled and finished strip, you are opting for high-quality products with clean, bright-rolled or milled surfaces that not only comply with all the main standards, but in some cases go even further.


Strips of Copper and Copper Alloys
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