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KME has been a partner for the international construction industry for over 100 years. Installers and architects all over the world appreciate our products.

Copper strips and sheets for roofing are made of CU-DHP, i.e. oxygen-free, phosphorus-deoxidised copper with limited residual phosphorus content. Cu-DHP has very good weldability and solder ability; it can be excellently formed regardless of temperature and rolling direction and is corrosion resistant and requires little maintenance. It is subject to EU standard 1172, the standard for sheet and strip for the construction industry in Europe.

Copper is a traditional and versatile material that has long been used for roof drainage and roofing of historical and contemporary buildings. Its characteristic surface makes the material an extremely lively, profile-forming design element for architects and building owners, which harmonises perfectly with natural building materials.

For special requirements in contemporary architecture, we now produce TECU® Classic quality strips and sheets in accordance with DIN EN 1172 and KME's own strict guidelines on state-of-the-art facilities. The roofing quality of TECU® Classic exceeds the requirements of DIN EN 1172 in terms of tolerances and essential technological values, thus enabling the processed surfaces to look outstanding.

The copper surface

Copper sheets and strips initially have the optical quality of the bare copper surface. After installation on site, a matt dark brown colour develops under the influence of atmospheric weathering through oxidation. On inclined surfaces, the oxide layers continue to change colour due to the intensive action of air constituents and moisture, forming basic copper compounds. Over the course of time, the green patina typical of copper develops, which gives buildings their unmistakable accent and, in addition, its protective properties ensure the extraordinary durability of the material.

Typical areas of use

  • Roofing
  • Roof drainage
  • Eave and edge sheets

Delivery & Packaging

All KME products come in specially made, standard-compliant, secure packaging. This guarantees retention of shape, ensuring that a product’s properties are preserved to the utmost after leaving the factory. Sea-freight packaging is something else we offer as standard. We can assess individual requirements provided they can be presented technically, and offer them for an extra charge.


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Sheets and strips from copper and copper alloys
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Bänder und Tafeln aus Kupfer und Kupferlegierungen
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