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TECU® Copper designs!

The decision to design building cladding with copper leaves plenty of opportunities for creativity.

Durable TECU ® products from KME offer many unique possibilities. The striking natural surfaces in copper and copper alloys allow for singular design. Prefabricated system elements offer a wide range of solutions, from free-form designs to the simple and economic cladding of larger areas. And so that everything fits together, there is a complete system of rainwater drainage components available.

Once in place, TECU ® products come to life and become even more beautiful over time.


The perforations of the TECU® surfaces are made by punching the copper and copper alloy strips after production. The punched parts are fed immediately to the recycling process where they are further processed.


After the copper and copper alloys strips have been produced the TECU®_mesh structures are created by perforating and then stretching the material.


The TECU®_flatmesh designs are also made by perforating the copper and copper alloy strips and then stretching the material. The stretched metal is then rolled to produce the almost flat TECU®_flatmesh surface.