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TECU® Classic

Lasting value,  
durable yet changeable.

In the beginning, the architecture grade material is bright red rolled copper.

But what follows is an ever-changing spectacle of weather, light and the natural, lively language of the material: After installation on the building, TECU® Classic retains its typical bright red copper colouring for a period of time. Changes are very gradual and not entirely predictable – just like the weather, which, in turn, is solely responsible for copper’s continual changes. First, the surface turns matt. Gradually, the material develops an oxide layer to protect it against the effects of weathering. This process brings with it striking colour variations through an entire range of brown and brown-violet tones, offering varying nuances according to change of light and season.

Ultimately, on the sloping surfaces, the colour process yields a robust green patina –  as is typical for copper surfaces. This patina lends the cladding its distinctive character, at the same time providing long-lasting protection for decades to come.

TECU® Classic_coated
The longer bright beauty of copper

TECU® Classic_coated is the time-tested  TECU® Classic copper in various thicknesses, provided with a transparent 2-layer coating system.


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