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TECU® Bond

Bonded with copper: 
creating large surfaces fast and perfect.

Cladding large façades and interior areas quickly and economically with TECU® quality copper – without compromising on the outward appearance.

Never before have projects been so easy to implement as with TECU® Bond. The new composite material offers all the aesthetic properties of the TECU® surfaces but can be cut to size and installed on large areas much more quickly and easily. In accordance with the classification of the reaction of building materials to fire, the material is available in B-s1,d0 and now also in A2.

TECU® Bond is extremely even and warp resistant, has an optimised weight, low thermal expansion and high mechanical resistance to wind loads, impact, shock and pressure. The material construction is amazingly simple and efficient: under high pressure, face sheets of TECU® copper or copper alloys are applied onto both sides to a FR-core made of plastic and mineral components. This creates an extremely robust composite material.

TECU® Bond is prepared and cut to size in the workshop; the sheets are then installed on the building site in no time at all. And to prevent damage to the materials, as can happen in a rush, a protective film is applied to the visible surface in the factory.  The film is removed after the sheets have been installed. Thus, TECU® Bond offers elegant solutions at a reasonable cost for many projects such as ventilated curtain walls, fascia, parapet and soffit cladding, roofing and interior work and many more.


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