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Cable Strips

We’re rolling out the future –
as broadly as possible.

Copper possesses especially high electrical and thermal conductivity. It also has unusually good corrosion resistance.

That’s why it is used increasingly in complex urban, rural and maritime infrastructural projects. Global connectivity is bringing the fields of telecommunications, high-frequency technology and power transmission closely together.

It is crucial to eliminate periodical thickness fluctuations when making high-frequency cables. Specialised rolling and passing sequences on our rolling mills and a maintenance management system on our production facilities which is tailored to the production of high-frequency strips enable us to make extremely precise strips at lengths of up to 6,500 metres. Computerised FFT analysis on the finished strip helps us guarantee strips with the very best transmission properties

Typical areas of use

  • Electrical engineering
  • Power engineering
  • IT
  • Construction



All KME products come in specially made, standard-compliant, secure packaging. This guarantees retention of shape, ensuring that a product’s properties are preserved to the utmost after leaving the factory. Sea-freight packaging is something else we offer as standard. We can assess individual requirements provided they can be presented technically, and offer them for an extra charge.


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