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Sheets from Strips

We produce sheet metal – in A1 quality.

Our customers love KME strip sheet because it’s so good for punching, bending, deep-drawing, milling, galvanising and welding.

This product can adapt to almost anything. It possesses the perfect properties for perforated sheet, the production of stamped and bent parts, sealing rings, pressure containers, busbars for switching cabinets and countless other things. It’s no wonder that copper and its alloys such as brass and bronze give rise to so many ideas – in practically every industry and field, be it arts and crafts, the electrical industry or machine-building.

Typical areas of use

  • Construction industry
  • Machine building
  • Electrical engineering
  • Power supply
  • Offshore systems


Delivery & Packaging

KME sheet from strip is available cold-rolled in copper, brass and bronze. It comes in lengths of up to 4 m, thicknesses between 0.5 mm and 10 mm and widths of up to 1220 mm (other dimensions on request). We always have at least three tonnes of the most common variants in stock, which you can call off at short notice.

All KME products come in specially made, standard-compliant, secure packaging. This guarantees retention of shape, ensuring that a product’s properties are preserved to the utmost after leaving the factory. Sea-freight packaging is something else we offer as standard. We can assess individual requirements provided they can be presented technically, and offer them for an extra charge. We supply in all standard sizes and, on request, in other specifications and materials.


Stephanie Gebhardt 
+ 49 3476 89 2327