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Plates & Sheets

Far from normal.

KME offers sheets, plates and discs in a wide range of dimensions.

We are specialised in oversized orders. Widths of up to 3,900 mm are not uncommon, especially in apparatus and system construction. Take for example components used in power stations and desalination plants. We manufacture specially sized pieces like these on our globally unique rolling mill, the Wide Reverse Mill.

By opting for KME sheets/piece-sheets and finished strip you are choosing for technically grease-free or lightly oiled, clean and bright-rolled surfaces, which are manufactured and tested to tolerances based on EN 1652, EN 1653, EN 13599. Our products are also corrosion resistant in offshore environments. They are durable, lively, versatile and maintenance-free. Our technical customer advisory service provides qualified support in the selection of materials from the maximum variety of products, shapes and thicknesses. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the design, surface finish or alloy.



Plates & Sheets of Copper and Copper Alloys
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