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Stamping Technology

At our KME site in Osnabrück we manufacture premium progressive die tools, in addition to sophisticated stamped, contact, and bent parts and sub-assemblies in close cooperation with our customers.

KME not only offers parts in copper and copper alloys, from strips produced in our own foundry and in-house rolling mill, but also from steel, chrome-nickel-steel, aluminium and many other materials. Our services begin at your design stage, as we offer you all steps involved in the entire process chain as a cooperative partnership:  Consultation regarding optimum material selection, production process best suited to the material, surface finishing, packaging, automation, all embedded into your internal downstream processes, as well as material recycling and metal handling. This “single-source” philosophy, closes the production cycle, saves interfaces, effort, and above all costs, all major factors in an increasingly demanding and competitive market.

We fulfil your quality objectives and requirements on environmental protection, industrial health and safety as well as the associated ecologically efficient use of energy by means of successful certifications in compliance with IATF 16949, ISO 50001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.       


Included in our customer portfolio, are many well-known clients from the automotive industry, the electrical and electronics industry and many other fields of application. All demanding precision products, manufactured to the highest quality standards, competitive terms and conditions and adherence to deadlines, all of which are pillars on which the solid growth of our company is based. The product portfolio ranges from bus bars, battery cell connectors, stamped parts, contact parts, press-fit technology, stamped grids and crimp contacts through to complete sub-assemblies.


As a licensee of press-fit technology using EloPin®, KME offers this connection technology for high-quality solderfree and gas-tight electrical connections in the field of PCB contacting with connectors. Stamped parts with pressfit zones are then usually further processed into hybrid parts or electromechanical assemblies.


Our state-of-the-art stamping machines, enable us to process materials with thickness  from 0.1 to 5.0mm with stamping forces between 500 kN and 3,000 kN, in almost any required material: not only from copper and copper alloys produced at KME, but also from steel, chrome-nickel-steel, aluminium and many other materials.



High speed presses (Bruderer)

Presses (Haulick & Roos)

Pressing force

500 kN

1,600 – 3,000 kN

Stroke rate

max. 1,100 strokes/min

max. 300 strokes/min

Tool length

max. 1,100 mm

max. 2,500 mm

Material quality

all standard material qualities

all standard material qualities

Material width

max. 200 mm

max. 400 mm

Material thickness

up to primarily 1 mm

up to primarily 4 mm


Process monitoring



Measuring projectors

Single parts


Camera measuring systems for 100% inspections

Single parts and strip material    



Excellent price-performance ratio, reliability and quality are only one side of the coin. Flexibility is just as important. We regularly invest in the expansion of our capacity, in order to be able to quickly and easily react to your requirements. Our in-house tool design and tool construction departments have been seen significant investment and expansion in recent years. We have equipped the production department with modern, high-performance camera technology for single parts and strip material, meaning that we are ready for whatever 100% inspections and challenges the future may bring.



Alloy design (material consultation)    
In house material production in the non-ferrous metal field    
Prototype development    
Product design and qualified support in product development    
Process design (also for customised linking processes)    
Tool design    
Stamped parts production (100% camera-monitored upon request)
Packaging design    
Transport concept    
Internal scrap recycling    
Metal handling    

Surfaces designs

Raw strip refinement, complete and partial finishing
Stamped strip refinement, complete and partial finishing    
Bulk material refinement   
Rack product refinement

Types of delivery & packaging

Disposable packaging   
Returnable packaging    
Bulk material (singly falling parts)    
Tray goods (singly falling parts, sorted/correctly placed on trays)    
Reel to Reel (endless product on reels)


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