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Architectural Solutions

The decision to design building cladding with copper leaves plenty of opportunities for creativity. Durable TECU® products from KME offer many unique possibilities. The striking natural surfaces in copper and copper alloys allow for singular design. Prefabricated system elements offer a wide range of solutions, from free-form designs to the simple and economic cladding of larger areas.

Once in place, TECU® products come to life and become even more beautiful over time.


TECU® stands for the combination of high quality and comprehensive service. As one of the worldwide leading producers of copper and copper alloy semis, KME with its application-related consultation services provides supports for planners, architects and installers, even beyond the European borders. 


KME Germany GmbH
Architectural Solutions

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Architectural Solutions

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COPPER BASE |  24.08.2021
The house "casa 09" is located in a residential area of Girona in the middle of a neighbourhood of detached houses and gardens...

PREMUIM WORK |  27.07.2021
In the Dutch town of Tetringen, a residential building was realised with a convincing façade solution in TECU®...

OPEN-AIR SCULPTURE |  29.06.2021
The College building I in Freiburg's city centre, together with buildings II and III, forms the "Platz der Weißen Rose" (White Rose Square)...

MOUNTAIN GUARD |  01.06.2021
The Rifugio al Sasso Nero is located at an altitude of 3,026 metres, making it the highest refuge in the Zillertal Alps...

COPPER BATH  |  27.04.2021
The new Oberlahnbad in Weilburg by the River Lahn offers premium-class bathing fun...

QUALITY NOTE  |  30.03.2021
The building and civil engineering company Nova Construction consistently focuses on sustainability.  ...

ETUDES IN GOLD  |  07.12.2020
The Berlin office of TRU Architekten has achieved an exemplary result with two supplementary pavilions for the Berlin ...

TIME OUT UNDER GREEN  |  09.10.2020
Originally a hut with shelter for the animals in the base area and the hayloft on the upper floor, ...

RICH IN CONTRAST  |  30.07.2020
A good 2,000m as the crow flies from the new MUUUH! Group's headquarter in the 'Hageloft', and thus virtually ...

An existing YMCA is transformed by Hickok Cole architects into a commercial office building with a new dynamic metal ...


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