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TECU® Sheets and Strips for Seamed and Batten Cap Cladding

Ideal for custom designed free forms as well as the traditional roof and façade construction design:  using angle standing seams and batten cap cladding. TECU® products for these types of cladding are available in sheets and strips.

The modern use of rolled copper in facade and roofing, the higher product quality requirements and the development of new, more demanding techniques for metalworking mean that copper has to meet much higher expectations today than ever before.

TECU® sheets and strips for facade and roofing are manufactured in accordance with EN 1172 and KME’s own strict quality control guidelines. Material tolerances for dimensions and properties are well within or even tighter than standard limits, and further processing by machine or hand is considerably easier.

TECU® System Shingles TECU® System Rhomboids

Besides their special aesthetic qualities, TECU® System Shingles and TECU® System Rhomboids offer decisive economic advantages in façade design: cladding elements are laid simply by hanging them and interlocking them with each other.

The shingles and diamond system shingles have a 180° border on all sides. Two sides are provided with a fold coming forward or with a down stand. The individual elements are available as left or right tiling. All folds and notches are automatically pre-processed in the factory. At the edges, all the usual processing techniques such as bevelling, folding and bending can be used. This ensures that the corners of buildings and connections to other constructional elements such as windows and doors are completely weatherproof.

TECU® Slot-In Panels System

TECU® Panels are two-sided cladding elements, with or without an end base, depending on the construction. Individual lengths are as long as 4,000 mm with a standard width of up to approx. 400 mm. Assembly at the building site is performed according to the tongue and groove principle or by overlapping.

The panels can be assembled in various directions – vertically, horizontally or diagonally. There are three basic forms, depending on the design:

  • Slot-in panels laid vertically as a level surface facade cladding
  • Slot-in panels laid horizontally as a level surface facade cladding
  • Special panels with visible or concealed fixings, laid in various ways,with a level surface or overlapped.

TECU® Cassettes

TECU® Cassettes are cladding elements with folded edges on all sides available in a range of geometri-cal proportions from 1:1 to 1:4. They are exclusively pre-profiled to the customer’s specifications and/or according to suggestions made by the architect.

Cassette cladding allows a great deal of flexibility concerning formats, the layout of joints and fixing principles. Folded edges on every side allow even larger sheet metal parts to lie even with the clad-ding surface. Fixing is usually achieved by riveting, screwing, hidden/subsurface fittings or by means of bolt hooks to fix the cassettes directly to the substrate.