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Copper-Action Hub


An independent board highlighting the value of copper for a safer and more sustainable future!

A new European project has been born to emphasise copper’s natural antimicrobial properties, for a safer and more sustainable future. The heart of the project is the Copper-Action Hub, an independent board made up of international experts, recognised for their knowledge and in-depth experience in various sectors. Based on scientific evidence from international literature, the Hub will draw up white papers and guidelines on the use of copper in sectors where copper could have the greatest impact, such as construction, public transport, and healthcare.

The Copper-Action Hub also comes at a time where there is an increased awareness around the possibility of viral and bacterial transmission of infections through contaminated surfaces. Especially, in very busy pu-blic places, such as hospitals, schools and public transportation, the risk of contaminated surfaces remains. Copper, an ancient and noble material, naturally has antimicrobial properties that can significantly reduce the risk of contamination through its usage. The Hub, coordinated by Dr. Roberto Bertollini, is currently made up of internationally renowned personali-ties, who express the highest level of expertise in their respective sectors. One of the tasks that the Copper Action Hub members will be supporting with, is the review of scientific sources, which are continuously updated and analysed. The aim is to further gather international knowledge on copper’s benefits linked to decreasing the transmission of infections.  

The implementation of KME’s SaCup range, a line of products designed to enhance the antimicrobial pro-perties of copper, has started already at Milan Linate airport to provide passengers with a safer travel ex-perience. SaCup products are ideal for applications in public and generally highly frequented places – such as airports – where contact surfaces can be a potential source of infection and a health risk. Thanks to the cooperation with SEA (Società Esercizi Aeroportuali), Milan Linate Airport can be passed through even more safely. Products from the SaCup range with their antimicrobial and antiviral properties have been implemen-ted on a series of high-contact surfaces: Stair handrails, luggage trolley handles and hand supports in buses operating on the airport premises are now all made of copper.

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